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Remember Service Desk T.T.S. Updates are always FREE. You can upgrade to the newest version at any time by downloading the installation file below. Reinstalling will NOT overwrite your database files. To get the newest version close all copies running on your network, and download and install the installation file below on the computer that you already installed Service Desk on. DO NOT Uninstall first or you WILL delete the Service Desk database files.

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Service Desk T.T.S. is always being improved and all update information will be on this page

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Note: Not all unseen changes will be listed here. Some improvements in code which aren't seen by the user that are done to increase speed or other reasons may not be mentioned. It is recommended to always update to the newest version. Remember that updates are always free.


Version 3.0.18 - Added August 17, 2012 - Fixed an issue where you were unable to delete knowledge base records.

Version 3.0.17 - Added August 15, 2012 - Improved the Inventory feature.

Version 3.0.15 - Added July 1, 2012 - Fixed an issue in all of the inventory pages where the application could crash when you updated a current record with the same inventory record number as another record. Added a Kiosk.exe application to the installation setup file. This application is designed to be used as a way for your employees to create tickets without needing to log into Service Desk. Works great on a local network or intranet.

Version 3.0.14 - Added June 2, 2012 - Added the software install feature to the technicians view. Now even technicians can install software on the network.

Version 3.0.13 - Added May 15, 2012 - Added some automatic PC inventory features under the Edit menu on the PC inventory window. This allows you to start this feature and automatically scan all the PC's in the inventory for the pc brand, speed, model, serial in bios, MAC, installed software, CPU, and then save the record and move to the next until done. Improve the service ticket installation file to include a networked pc install as well as the full install. This new networked pc only installs the support files that the application uses. some of the new features need additional support files installed. Improved database performance for a multiple user environment.

Version 3.0.7 - Added May 5, 2012 - Some basic bug fixes.

Version 3.0.5 - Added May 1, 2012 - Added a new software deployment feature. On the utilities menu you will see a new menu item called "Software Install Package Manger". You first get your msi, exe, bat, vbs, or cmd file that you want to deploy to other pc's on your network and place it somewhere on the network. Then create a new software install package and only use a network path that starts with \\. So "\\ServerName\SharedFolderName\citrix.msi" without the quotes is a valid one. Then open the "Install Software Package" menu item and select the package and enter either the pc name or IP address on the bottom then click install. You can test this feature out with the citrix web client by downloading it here. Added many new new network tools. Added Knowledge Base record locking. You will now be notified if another user is using the KB record you are trying to open.

Version 3.0.1 - Added March 07, 2012 - Fixed the remote network feature that changes the networked PC's secondary address and add a couple new remote pc functions.

Version 3.0.0 - Added February 25, 2012 - Improved the Network List feature under the Network Tools menu. You can use the filter in field to do a partial filter. This is a wildcard at the beginning of the computer name and no wild card characters are used. Also if you right click a selected computer name, after first left clicking it to select, it will now check the PC inventory if that computer exist in the inventory, and will give a message box with the results of the search. Added many new network features under the same menu option. the files psexec.exe must be in the same application folder as the main exe. You can either reinstall the SDsetup1.exe file here, or download the psexec.exe file here and place it in the installation folder. All of the Technician reports now have the company name at the top of the report. The automatic inventory feature can now tell the difference between Windows Vista and 7, and the detection of the installed Office applications has been added back in.

Version 2.6.9 - Added February 9, 2012 - Improved database performance. Added export reports to excel for open and closed tickets on the administrators add/edit window, and to the technicians window under the Reports menu. Technicians can only run reports on records assigned to them. Added reports on the Technicians window to allow them to see all tickets and not just their own. Added a auto-reload feature on the technicians window so every 30 seconds the current list view will be automatically reloaded. This feature can be disabled by clicking the "Stop auto-reload timer" option under the File window in the technician window. Improved the knowledge base edit window so you are not prompted to save changes made to the article when you only copied text from the record. Added a new Shutdown Network PC feature under Network Tools next to Restart Network PC and added both to the technicians window. Added an Advanced Search feature under the Search menu option on the main Knowledge Base window. This will give you better filtering options for more advanced searches. Added a new report on the Administrator ticket window called Statistical Reports. This report will break down all the completed, incomplete, and total tickets separated by technician in any given date range with a grand total at the bottom.

Version 2.6.6 - Added August 9, 2011 - Added a export to excel feature in the PC inventory window.

Version 2.6.4 - Added July 2, 2011 - Added a find by serial number in PC inventory. Notes field for each service ticket record is now arranged by newest note on top.

Version 2.6.3 - Added May 20, 2011 - Added a Find feature on the Edit Knowledge Base Window. The process starter and terminator windows can now be opened at the same time. They also more accurately display if the process was successful or not.

Version 2.6.1 - Added May 10, 2011 - Added a new Domain tool called "Rename Domain Computer". If you have a domain use this wizard to rename a computer on your network and automatically restart it. It will be renamed and updated in active directory. Also added a feature in the Knowledge Base where internet addresses are now blue clickable links in the body of articles. Local network links are also clickable if you have \\ in front of the address and no spaces in it. Greatly improved the way the database connection is opened and closed while service desk is running. Now only on the inventory window and user name window is the connection left open so you can quickly scroll through records, otherwise the main admin page connection is closed until needed.

Version 2.5.21 - Added April 10, 2011 - Added two new network tools. Remote PC process terminator. This will end any application on a remote PC on your network. Also added a TCP connections monitor. Improved the Knowledge Base save function.

Version 2.5.20 - Added April 1, 2011 - The printer inventory now has a Date Added field that also prints on the report and the exported Excel file. The scanner inventory now has the Location and date added printing on Excel and printed report as well.

Version 2.5.19 - Added March 1, 2011 - Improved the Technician view windows Update function.

Version 2.5.18 - Added February 19, 2011 - Fixed an issue where is you cancelled a print job going to a xps writer or if you didn't have any printers at all installed the application would stop responding.

Version 2.5.17 - Added February 1, 2011 - Fixed an issue where the automatic inventory feature would stop responding on Windows 7 computers when trying to determine the hardware. Improved memory usage.

Version 2.5.16 - Added December 20, 2010 - Fixed numerous issues.

Version 2.5.11 - Added August 19, 2010 - Added a Location field to the scanner inventory window. Fixed an issue where sometimes the application would appear to have closed but when you reopened service desk you would get an error saying that the application is already running.

Version 2.5.10 - Added July 29, 2010 - Greatly modified the way the automatic inventory system works. The progress bar now works properly and the entire process works much faster. Added a purchase order and installed date field to the PC inventory window. The automatic inventory function now searches the registry location "HKEY_USERS\.default\software\Microsoft\Windows Media\WMSDK\General\computername" for the serial number or service tag that many computer makers place in this location. Your computer may simply have the computer name in this location. If this is the case then nothing will be added to this field in the PC inventory. For example Dell computers from the factory come with the Service Tag in this location. If you ever had to reinstall Windows then this field will most likely have the computer name instead. A check for the version of Microsoft Office is also done. You need to run this function with a Windows user account that has Admin rights because the registry will be scanned. Due to the popularity of Service Desk T.T.S. we are planning many more changes. One thing that will not change is the price because it will always be FREE. Free to install and to update to the newest version. To update reinstall the entire application over the currently installed version. Your database files with all your data will not be overwritten.

Version 2.5.9 - Added June 18, 2010 - Modified the Knowledge Base features Find function. Fixed an issue where sometimes when you would end the Administrator application some memory wouldn't be released and the application would stay in memory and the next time you ran it without restarting the PC you would get a message saying Service Desk was already running.

Version 2.5.8 - Added April 4, 2010 - Service Desk T.T.S. is now FREE for all to use. No matter how many computers use it or how many records it will be free, and this software will remain free. Also fixed an error in the Miscellaneous inventory Find function.

Version 2.5.7 - Added February 3, 2010 - Added a new feature on the Network Lister window that will allow you to search by partial computer name in the Machines list box for a particular PC located in your network. Fixed a few typos in some Message boxes.

Version 2.5.6 - Added January 6, 2010 - Fixed an issue with the Knowledge Base search function that when characters like [ were used as the search string the program would give an runtime error. The technicians reports now have their full name at the top of the report. Reports now have the most recent tickets on top. Added menu shortcuts to many of the Administrators menus. Other minor tweaks and fixes.

Version 2.5.5 - Added December 12, 2009 - The Tech's, and Administrators ticket list view window now allows you to arrange in ascending and descending order when you click any of the columns headers.

Version 2.5.4 - Added November 14, 2009 - Fixed an issue on the Knowledge Base edit window where if you didn't have a default printer installed and you clicked the Print menu option you would get a runtime error "482" and Service Desk T.T.S. would shut down. You of course still need a printer installed onto your computer, but now the application will notify you instead. Added a new feature on the PC inventory that allows you to search the PC inventory database for a record by I.P. address, Inventory number , and Computer Name. Before you could only search by inventory number. Added some new functions on the Network Lister window. The window can be found on the Administrators Utilities menu then Network Tools. You can now find an I.P. address from the list of computers in your Domain, or Workgroup. If you need to find out what computer is using a certain I.P. address then type in your Domain, or Workgroup name in the Domain text box then click "Enum all machines". This will populate the Machines list box then Click the menu item Find and follow the directions. Also added the ability to export all computers in the above Machine list box with computer names and their I.P. address. There is also a menu option to export all these PC's with I.P. addresses to an Excel CSV file. Excel does not need to be installed on your computer in order to view these CSV files. Notepad can be used.

Version 2.5.3 - Added October 27, 2009 - You are now notified once you successfully delete any inventory item. The UPS inventory Last battery change is now a date picker control. Fixed an issue where if networked the second person who started Service Desk had a long period before the login window would appear. On the Edit Knowledge Base window you will now see the full name of the user who last modified the article. The Tech's window has a new interface. It now looks like the Administrators list view window. This new way of viewing tickets is much easier and intuitive for the user. When you now make a real change to a Knowledge Base article the Save button will be enabled allowing you to save those changes. The save button will also be enabled if you paste text into knowledge base field with the Control-V method. Before if you just clicked inside the article box then clicked away without making any changes the button became enabled, and you were notified that there were changes even though there were none. The drive serial number function is now part of the main application and can be found under the Utilities menu option on the login screen or under the main Admin window Utilities/Disk Tools menu, and under the Tech's Utilities/Disk Tools menu. Now on the PC inventory window you can now search by I.P. address, Computer Name, and Inventory Number. On all the inventory windows the menu options are now disabled during the creation of a new inventory item.

Version 2.5.2 - Added September 13, 2009 - On the printer inventory you can now uncheck both internal and external jet direct options for those printers that are not networked. When a tech creates a ticket to themselves it will now have the Acknowledged check box checked for them. All the reports no have the total number of records returned in the report windows title as well as the bottom of the report. The flushdns and chkdsk utilities are now no longer available for those using Service Desk on either Windows Vista or Windows 7 because of the way they must have elevated privileges when a console window is used. Improved the speed of Service Master slightly by opening the database record sets in a more efficient way. This will access the database faster and consume less resources at the same time. We have many new features and changes scheduled for Service Desk coming in the very near future. Remember that all updates are free even during the trial period. If you have a function or feature that you think should be included into Service Desk please use the Contact Us link at the top of this page to let us know.

Version 2.5.1 - Added September 10, 2009 - Fixed a few issues with the automatic inventory function for users that don't have write access to the installation folder. Modified the caption of all the reports to include the number of records returned in the title of the window. Made it mandatory that you include a category when adding a new Knowledge Base article. Added ipconfig /registerdns to the flush dns utility. These functions have no effect on a Vista or Windows 7 machine due to the elevated security those operating systems need when performing actions like this. Other minor tweaks.

Version 2.5.0 - Added August 27, 2009 - Fixed an issue where the maximum size of the text box for the monitor size was increased but the database size was not and if you exceeded the application would stop responding. Added a function for a technician to Acknowledge a ticket by check marking an Acknowledged check box. This will create a notes entry indicating the Tech has acknowledged the ticket. The tech can never uncheck that box again for that ticket. When a tech transfers a ticket this box will be unchecked for the new tech. Added a function to check for any outstanding tickets for any user that an administrator tries to delete. If any are found you will be notified and you won't be allowed to delete that user until you either close those tickets, or transfer them to another user.

Version 2.4.22 - Added August 25, 2009 - Fixed an issue where if you entered a inventory number that already existed in the PC inventory the new automatic inventory function would stop responding. Added the same double click function to the completed date field on the Administrators list view as it was on the Individual view. Double click to see a date selection. Increase the maximum amount you can type in the monitor size field on the monitor inventory window.

Version 2.4.21 - Added August 18, 2009 - Fixed a few issues from yesterdays update.. Fixed an issue where the new automatic inventory would not format the hard drive size properly for hard drives less that 100 GB. Fixed an issue where if you clicked no to add a new computer you had to restart the application to continue. Fixed another problem where a lower case computer name would appear to be different from that same name but in uppercase. UPDATED August 19, 2009. Kept the same version number. Fixed an issue where the mac address was inserted into the default gateway field in the new automatic inventory feature. Added a progress bar at the bottom of the login window during the inventory function.

Version 2.4.20 - Added August 17, 2009 - Added the ability for a user to add the computer that they are currently using Service Desk on to the PC inventory database. On the login password window click on the Utilities menu option then Add/Update this computer in PC inventory. This option will also allow a user to automatically update a PC in the database if it already exist. On Microsoft Windows XP & 2000 the function automatically retrieve the computer name, ip address, subnet, gateway, mac address, computer maker and model, O.S. version, amount of ram, CPU type and speed, and the workgroup or domain name. Windows Vista and Windows 7 will report back fewer of those items. This function will eventually be improved to allow for a separate application that can be run on every computer on your network at computer startup, or user login, and will automatically report back to the inventory database any and all changes. This can be done with a Group Policy, or other means. Email us if you have any questions or request. Fixed an issue where when a tech closed a ticket the message in the notes field that said the ticket was mailed to the administrator and or ticket starter the message would always be entered into the very last open record and not the correct record. Fixed an issue with the Misc. inventory window where the inventory number was not being checked for prior inventory numbers that where identical and this would cause the application to stop responding. Started this history page. All changes before this version will not be listed on this web page, or any other page. Many changes have been made to this update, and only the ones seen by the user will be mentioned here. Added the tech's name to the notes field when an admin successfully emails a ticket to a tech. The notes field for each ticket record automatically logs each event such as: Ticket created date, time and by whom, Ticket updates, ticket emailed to tech by administrator, from tech to an admin, and to the ticket starter, and finally from the ticket starter to the administrator. Other events will be added in the future. Fixed some issues when running on Microsoft Vista. Some of the disk tools would make the application stop responding when used on Vista.


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