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Note: Not all unseen changes will be listed here. Some improvements in code which aren't seen by the user that are done to increase speed or other reasons may not be mentioned. It is recommended to always update to the newest version. Remember that updates are always free.

Note: The word "Unit" used in the following descriptions refers to the Default name of the field on the main Service Master window. Since this field can be changed to whatever the user wants depending on the type of business they are running this history page will refer to it as "Unit".

Version 8.8.53 - Added March 11, 2016 - Changed the Bottom right Find button to allow partial searches. You no longer have to enter the exact text.

Version 8.8.52 - Added November 16, 2015 - Added an option to adjust the font size of reports.

Version 8.8.51 - Added October 21, 2015 - Fixed an issue with the attach files to a record feature where you were unable to attach any files. Now any type of file can be attached.

Version 8.8.50 - Added April 8, 2015 - Fixed an issue where the change in the assigned to label text from update 8.8.49 didn't change on the Work Order print out page.

Version 8.8.49 - Added April 2, 2015 - You can now change the label of the Assigned to field. Removed Email client and statistics menu options.

Version 8.8.48 - Added October 27, 2014 - Fixed a minor issue where depending on what type of report you printed you may have seen a message box window appear before the print job printed.

Version 8.8.47 - Added August 25, 2014 - Fixed an issue where the Days Open wasn't being populated correctly in the new "Print Outstanding Work Orders Report".

Version 8.8.46 - Added August 23, 2014 - Made it so double clicking an open area on the main window no longer toggles the Navigational tool. Improved shut down time. No longer needlessly backing up every file which will speed up shut down times.

Version 8.8.45 - Added August 8, 2014 - Added a new feature under the Edit menu called "Print Outstanding Work Orders". This is not printing a report, but instead prints the Work Order itself no matter what style you use. This feature prints one copy of all work orders without a completed date to the default printer with no printer selection. Also fixed an issue where the application couldn't email the work orders. This error was on our server and not with the application itself.

Version 8.8.44 - Added August 1, 2014 - Fixed an issue where if you changed the text on the Name label the old text would print on the work order reports. Added a new Printer label feature under the Edit menu.

Version 8.8.43 - Added January 1, 2014 - Fixed an issue where, when printing a work order, the application would freeze if you use the Custom Report Message feature and the CustomReportMessage.txt file was missing from the installation directory. Also the WorkOrders.exe file is no longer being compressed so the update will lake longer than normal.

Version 8.8.42 - Added December 23, 2013 - Small bug fix in the work order report function.

Version 8.8.41 - Added October 12, 2013 - Added a feature to count the number of lines in the work to be completed and completed fields. When you exceed 7 lines and you try to print you will be notified that only 7 lines will print. All lines will save to the database but a piece of paper only has so much space. This feature is ignored when contractor report is used.

Version 8.8.40 - Added September 19, 2013 - Fixed an issue where if you use category mode the category drop down box would get cleared when adding a new record making it unusable. Increased the height of the PO an Invoice windows because some users were unable to see all of the buttons on the bottom of the window when using certain screen resolutions.

Version 8.8.39 - Added September 07, 2013 - Added the ability to change the name field label text to whatever you want.

Version 8.8.38 - Added June 24, 2013 - Added a database compact & repair option under the Properties menu. This should be done once a month as maintenance for the database file. Started to move Work Order Report settings to their own settings window. Fixed an issue where whatever text was in the category/address field would remain when you created a new record.

Version 8.8.37 - Added May 24, 2013 - Added a new work order report that prints the top section only but allows you to print a static message to your customers. The new second phone number field is now formatted when focus is lost.

Version 8.8.36 - Added May 23, 2013 - Added the ability to change the Taken By field to a second phone number field. Look for the "Change Taken By Field To Second Phone Number Field" menu option under Properties menu. Fixed some tab order issues.

Version 8.8.35 - Added May 18, 2013 - Fixed an issue where a useless message box would appear after printing depending on which work order styled report you use. Fixed and issue where the Days open total wouldn't always update with the proper total after cancelling a new work order. Fixed and issue where the Total man hours total would remain for other tickets when scrolling through tickets. Added a new option to disable the "TEAR PAPER ON LINE BELOW - LEAVE BOTTOM HALF WITH TENANT" text that prints on the center of some of the work order print outs. To disable click on the Settings menu then Properties, Work Order Report Settings then "Hide Tear Paper On Line Below Text On Work Order". Added a new feature to automatically fill in the Time In field with the current time. To turn on this feature click on the Settings menu then Properties then "Turn On Auto Time In Field With Current Time".

Version 8.8.34 - Added July 31, 2012 - Added a new feature under the Properties menu to prevent Service Master from automatically closing the report window after you double click on a record number.

Version 8.8.33 - Added July 10, 2012 - Further improved the create a work order from an invoice feature. Added option buttons next to each invoice line so you can choose which line to have included in the work order.

Version 8.8.32 - Added July 8, 2012 - Added a new feature where you can create a new work order from a current Invoice. On the Invoice window click the Edit menu and select "Create Work Order From Current Invoice".

Version 8.8.31 - Added May 10, 2012 - Improved database performance for networked users.

Version 8.8.30 - Added January 24, 2012 - Fixed the Completed Work Orders with Assigned to Person report by removing the misplaced message box before the report appears.

Version 8.8.29 - Added October 29, 2011 - Removed the sports logo feature to make room for new features. Changed the "Preventative Maintenance & Task Scheduler Alert" feature to "Personal Preventative Maintenance & Task Scheduler Alert". This feature was changed to separate it from the new Public task feature. The Public one is shared and seen by all other networked Service Master users if you network Service Master. The Personal one will only be seen by your Windows user account on the installed PC. Made the Work Requested and Work Completed fields 2 font sizes larger on the work order print out to make it easier to read.

Version 8.8.28 - Added October 21, 2011 - Fixed the Assigned To Person report added in the last update. The date range wasn't being filtered properly.

Version 8.8.27 - Added September 26, 2011 - Added Assigned To Person to the last report under Completed Work Orders.

Version 8.8.26 - Added August 25, 2011 - For those who have not registered Service Master yet, Modified the Buy Now window to reflect changes PayPal have made on their site.

Version 8.8.25 - Added July 12, 2011 - Fixed an issue where if you had an unsaved new work order then closed service master you would get a runtime error. Improved the invoice and purchase order windows to disable certain buttons while creating a new record.

Version 8.8.24 - Added July 6, 2011 - Fixed an issue on the Invoice and Purchase Order windows where the record was not being sorted in proper numerical order.

Version 8.8.23 - Added May 19, 2011 - Added a new label under the Man Hours field that calculates the total man hours for all four of the possible entries. This allows you to view this information on the Main window without having to enter the other window. Fixed and error on the "Insert Picture for current work order record" feature where you would get an error message when trying to add a new picture. You were able to add the picture but you still got the error message. Modified the "Insert Picture for current work order record" window to now add other types of files other than just jpg image files. you can now click the menu option to filter for just Excel files or turn the filter off and choose any type of file.

Version 8.8.22 - Added May 11, 2011 - Added a flashing label at the bottom of the main window that tells you the application is performing an Auto Email to your email list after you created a new work order if you have the this feature turned on.

Version 8.8.21 - Added April 3, 2011 - The purchase order & invoice now automatically fills in the current date when adding a new record. There is also an up & down control next to the date fields to edit the dates. Fixed a few outdated figures. Improved the way the Invoice Business logo appears on the printed invoice if you use that feature. You can now use a larger image, and its position is improved. Improved error message boxes when current Windows user account doesn't have proper permissions to write to the installed database directory.

Version 8.8.20 - Added March 5, 2011 - Fixed an issue on the main window's time in and time out fields when a user entered the times in military, or 24 hour format, and ran certain reports a runtime error 13 would appear. This is due to time calculations being performed on improper times. You can't enter something like "1400" or "14:00", you need to also use AM or PM. so a properly entered time would look like this "2:00 PM". Now when editing or adding a work order after typing in an improper time you will be notified of the error when you leave the field. If you currently have improper times in your database you will need to fix them manually.

Version 8.8.19 - Added February 19, 2011 - Fixed an issue where if you cancelled a report print job to the Microsoft XPS writer or didn't have a default printer installed you would get an error.

Version 8.8.18 - Added February 11, 2011 - Added the Category, if it's not blank, to all of the reports, and now the Assigned to person only prints if it is not blank.

Version 8.8.17 - Added February 8, 2011 - Added the Assigned To person to all of the reports.

Version 8.8.16 - Added January 31, 2011 - Fixed an issue where the user might get a runtime error 91 when starting the application when using the "Entered into billing system" option when the last record had this option checked but didn't have a completed date entered. The Export knowledge base article function now saves to the users temp folder first like the other reports do instead of the desktop. This prevents errors for those users who's network administrators redirect their desktop folders onto a network server.

Version 8.8.15 - Added January 28, 2011 - Added a new feature called "Knowledge Base" which can be found under the Edit menu. The feature allows your staff to create, edit, and search knowledge base articles on how to do things. For example, person A knows how to repair an a/c compressor on a certain model so they create a detailed article on that subject. Then 6 months later person B has to do that exact repair so he searches and reads the detailed instructions on the process.

Version 8.8.14 - Added January 22, 2011 - Improved the "Screen By Category" report. You can now choose to view by category with, or without outstanding work orders. Improved the Preventative Maintenance & Task Scheduler Alert feature under the Edit menu by Renaming it and now you can hit F11 to enter today's date in the date field.

Version 8.8.13 - Added November 21, 2010 - Introduced an online version of Service Master called Service Ticket Online. Visit the site here The Purchase Order shipping label text is now editable just in case you want to use that field for something else.

Version 8.8.12 - Added October 23, 2010 - Fixed an error with one of the search by service person reports.

Version 8.8.11 - Added October 5, 2010 - Fixed an issue where all the Export to CSV, or Excel, report files being saved to the desktop was causing problems for those users who had their Windows desktop folder redirected to a server on their network. This didn't effect most people only those who use roaming profiles. The files are now stored in the users temp folder and the user is asked after the file is created if they want to open the the file to view the report.

Version 8.8.10 - Added September 27, 2010 - Changed the Email When Completed box into a drop down box that will get populated with prior email addresses for that unit/customer. The check box next to the field will appear indicating that prior email addresses were found. It works the same way Name and Phone fields work when prior information is found. Duplicate Work Order Check must be enabled for these features to work. This is a default setting and can be found under the Settings menu. Improved the Add Workers Time window. If more than one workers time is entered for a record the little mans head icon now appears right away. The Total man hours are now accurate to the minute.

Version 8.8.9 - Added September 19, 2010 - Removed the Chat/IM feature to make room for future features. Improved application memory usage and speed through some code enhancement. Greatly reduced the time it takes to open, and close Service Master. Fixed an issue with the email current work order feature where it wouldn't email the second time you used it unless you reopened the application. Now you no longer have to restart Service Master when you either turn on or off the automatic work order email feature. Fixed an issue with the auto log off time where it wouldn't log out.

Version 8.8.8 - Added September 15, 2010 - Fixed an issue with the User & Password Protection feature where users with just Print rights were able to Add new records.

Version 8.8.7 - Added September 5, 2010 - Changed the explanation on how to use the Email Current Work Order feature. It was very confusing. This function can be found under the Edit menu. There is also a automatic email feature that you can setup to email a list of people every time a new work order is created. Fixed an issue with the Network Discovery tool where it would create the desktop shortcut on Windows Vista or Windows 7. This is the tool that runs after the network installation is complete and allows you to browse your network and create a shortcut on the network computers desktop of the main application called Workorders.exe. This file is always located on the main computer that you are using as the Server. This only applies to those people that are networking Service Master.

Version 8.8.6 - Added August 10, 2010 - Fixed an issue that some users were getting a runtime error 75 when networking Service Master. UPDATE: August 25, 2010 - Combined the Server and Network setup install files into one file.

Version 8.8.5 - Added August 8, 2010 - Added a new feature that allows you to email a Work Order one email address at a time manually. This can be useful if you need to email a vendor or someone that you don't need to notify for every Work Order. This option is called "Email Current Work Order" and is located under the Edit menu. Fixed an issue with the automatic email feature that was introduced in version 8.7.8 where the To email address was often reversed with the From email address. In order to use this feature you need to first setup valid email addresses. You can do this from the Setup Email Notification window located under the Settings menu option then Properties menu.

Version 8.8.4 - Added July 27, 2010 - Added a feature where the creator of the work order can enter their email address and once the work order is completed an email will be sent to that address.

Version 8.8.3 - Added June 19, 2010 - Fixed an issue where you were not able to enter more than 32,767 records.

Version 8.8.2 - Added May 13, 2010 - Your company phone number now prints out on the customer section of the work order.

Version 8.8.1 - Added April 1, 2010 - Fixed an issue where the Total Man Hours were not printing on the report properly.

Version 8.7.9 - Added March 28, 2010 - The Address of the customer\resident now prints out on the work order if you have changed the category field to the Address field. Modified the way the Invoice is populated from the current work order. This is a new feature from update 8.7.8. Fixed an Issue where the text of the Move In inspection label, or whatever you named it, was not printing on the work order print out when checked as the Priority one did. Fixed an issue on the customer section of the work order print out where if your company address was not setup then the address separators would still print.

Version 8.7.8 - Added March 15, 2010 - Add a Find button on the Invoice & Price Quote Master window so you can now search by invoice number. You can now create a new Invoice from the information in the current work order that you have just saved. To do this click the Edit menu option the "Create Invoice From Current Work Order". This will open up the Invoice window with certain information populated for you. Added a new feature that allows you to enter email addresses to a list so after a new work order is created the work order information is emailed automatically to every email address that you entered. This is all done automatically without any email client setup and is seamless. To activate this feature click on the Settings menu then Properties then Setup Email Notification.

Version 8.7.7 - Added February 4, 2010 - Fixed an issue where the "record has been saved" message box would pop up when you printed.

Version 8.7.6 - Added January 31, 2010 - Added a new feature that allows the user to change the Category field to an Address field. To make this change for those using Single Property Support go to the Edit menu option then Category/Address Properties then on the window that appears click the Edit menu then make your selection. For those using Multiple Property Support then go to the menu option Settings then Properties then Create & Edit Company/Property Information and check mark the Change Category To Address Field on the company you want to make this change to. You can have this setting different for each Company that you have. When Service Master is in the address mode and a address is entered into this field a button with a GPS icon on it will appear. Click this button to open a Google Map of this address. You will need internet access for this feature to work.

Version 8.7.5 - Added December 13, 2009 - Increased the size of the work order message at the bottom of the work order report customer section. This allows you to add three lines of text to tell your customers whatever you need. Removed the last line with the Service Master web site information.

Version 8.7.4 - Added August 23, 2009 - Improved the Inventory Adjustment function by fixing a few logic issues. Made many windows Modal. Modal means that once a window is opened you can only work on this new window, and you must close the window before working on any other window. This prevents a user from forgetting about the open window and it being pushed behind the main window. This is a performance improvement by reducing memory usage. Made a couple text changes on the Statistics function. Changed the wording in the Service Master installation program because this installation is now one file for all versions of Microsoft Windows. If you are only doing a update through the Web Update feature this doesn't apply to you. Now if you double click the "Taken By" or "Assigned To" text fields and select a name they are highlighted when focus is returned to the main window. Made other minor unseen tweaks and adjustments.

Version 8.7.3 - Added August 9, 2009 - Removed the quotes in the column headers in the exported Excel formatted report for the main report function.

Version 8.7.2 - Added June 11, 2009 - Fixed an issue where Service Master would crash if you searched by Unit number and if nothing was found then clicked the New Work Order button.

Version 8.7.1 - Added May 10, 2009 - Fixed an issue with the work order print out where sometimes the right side of the Work Requested and Description of Work Completed would get cut off. Increased the width on the work order print out report. Before the width was set to be equal to the width of the field on the window, but it was increased to allow more to be printed on the report to eliminate wasted space. This change was also done on the Contractors Report option. Fixed an issue with the reports that have Assigned To and total man hours to properly add up a workers hours.

Version 8.7.0 - Added April 27, 2009 - Modified the size of all the buttons. Fixed an issue where if you password protected the phone book then without logging in closed Service Master it would stop responding. Most of the reports are now saved in the temp folder on the workstation that ran the report. Before they were saved in the main shared application folder on the main computer. This is only for those users who have networked Service Master. Fixed the report Screen By Assigned To Person With Date Range & Work Completed & Total Man Hours. When ran Service Master would stop responding. Added a new feature under the Edit menu called "Add Additional Workers Time & Hours To Current Record". Allows you to add a total of four different workers time in, time out, total hours, and cost of repair to each record. When you scroll to a record with more than one workers time you will see an icon to the left of the time in field. The icon image is of a man's head. Fixed an issue where if you ran the spell check for the work to be completed and work completed text boxes all line breaks and paragraph breaks would be removed. Microsoft Word is required to use this feature as it has always been required. You will be notified if Word is not installed on your system. Added the assigned to information to the exported Excel report option on the report screen

Version 8.6.9 - Added April 4, 2009 - Increased the spacing on the work order report to make it easier to tear the paper in half at the dotted line. Fixed an issue where the Three Day Notice report would print on two pages instead of one.

Version 8.6.8 - Added March 22, 2009 - Improved the Insert Picture into current Work Order feature. Now when you are viewing a record that has pictures associated with that work order you will see a camera icon to the right of the work order number. Double click this icon to view all pictures for this work order. Added a button on the report window that will export most reports to a file that can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

Version 8.6.7 - Added March 1, 2009 - Added a new feature that allows you to save picture files (jpg) images into the work order number record. These pictures will be save to the installed folder in a folder called Pictures. Inside this folder a folder with the work order number will be created. These pictures are not backed up with the database backup. You should and can however back this Pictures folder onto a external hard drive. The bottom customer section of the Work Order report now has the company address, city, state and phone number along with the already existing company name. If your company issues these reports as receipt this will give your customers your contact information. This is only for those who have changed this section to "Customer Copy".

Version 8.6.6 - Added January 4, 2009 - Fixed an alignment issue on the Invoice Master feature where the first Product # was not centered properly.

Version 8.6.5 - Added November 2, 2008 - Added the name field to all reports. If there is a name in a record it will print on any report you run. Fixed some line spacing issues on the reports where to many blank lines were in each report wasting space. Added a feature on the inventory adjustment window that will allow you to add an items currency value to the record and then on the report have a grand total (Items on hand times Value). Also added a Physical Count line for each item so you have a spot to write the numbers of items on hand for your inventory audit.

Version 8.6.4 - Added September 22, 2008 - Fixed the export to excel format function issue where you couldn't open up the file right away without first shutting down Service Master to have full access to the file.

Version 8.6.3 - Added July 17, 2008 - Added a new feature allowing you to put each work order into a category. Under the Edit menu click Input Categories to add your categories. Then on a new work order select the Category you want to tag the new work order. Added a new report on the Report menu to allow you to print work orders tagged with a certain category. Changed the Invoice and Purchase Order windows to display the most recent record as the current record when the windows first starts instead of always starting off with the first record ever entered. Fixed a text alignment issue when the Phone number search is sent to the printer.

Version 8.6.2 - Added July 8, 2008 - Fixed a problem with the amount totals on the Invoice & Price Quote Master reports. The amount was only printing up the the first comma if there was a comma in the totals.

Version 8.6.1 - Added July 2, 2008 - Fixed a small issue on the Invoice windows where if you entered text longer than 30 characters in the email field an error would occur.

Version 8.6.0 - Added June 24, 2008 - Fixed a very minor Issue where newly created work order data would remain in the drop down boxes when you then tried to create another work order right afterwards.

Version 8.5.9 - Added June 5, 2008 - Added a new menu feature that allows you to go to the first record or the last record. On every window that saves data to a database there is now two new menu bar items called Move First and Move Last. This release also contains several memory speed improvements. Fixed an issue where the prior update 8.5.8 would sometimes hang when printing a report. All printer list are now in alphabetical order.

Version 8.5.8 - Added May 23, 2008 - Fixed an issue where the Name, Phone, Special Info, and Back Charge fields wouldn't be filled in with prior data, if there was prior data, if all prior work orders for that unit were completed. It would work if there were outstanding work orders for that unit. Fixed an error when opening the function Open Service Master Tech Support Application under the help menu option. Fixed an issue where if you cancelled a new work order which had filled in the Name, Phone, Special Info, and Back Charge fields any data in those drop down fields wouldn't be removed.

Version 8.5.7 - Added May 20, 2008 - Many Many new changes in this new update. Many of these changes will not be noticed visually because they involve changes to the way Service Master connects to the database files. The new connection will allow for new features in the future and greatly improve the speed of everything now. The improvements will be noticed mostly in the increased speed of Service Master. Improvements not just visual are as follows. After making any changes to a new or existing record you must hit Update, or Update Record. On the Change Company/Property window the items are now alphabetized. Also on this window a menu item has been added to allow you to run a report on all companies in that database. On all windows that you can scroll through database records now have a forward and back button that matches the main work order window. All reports now have a different look because the font is Courier New. Due to the increased speed in the reports the progress bar has been removed. Improved the Auto Complete feature by now allowing you to use the back space key on your keyboard while you are adding a new work order to fix any typo's you may have made. Improved the speed of the Auto Complete feature. The increased speed is really noticed when using Service Master over a network. The default setting for the Auto Complete function is off. You can turn it on from the "Properties" menu option under "Settings". Added a report on the User ID Setup window so anyone entering that screen can view all User Names, Passwords, and permissions on one screen. You must have ADMIN rights in order to see this window. Added a new menu item under the main windows Help option called "Open Service Master Tech Support Application" this will start an application that will allow, if you decide to allow it, us to help you with and technical issue over the internet. To use the program click on the menu option and on the window that opens click connect when our Tech support person ask you to. Tech support is Limited to Service Master related issues, except for those who have purchased a Multi-License or two or more single license. If you are one of those customers then you get one year, from date of purchase, of technical support for any Windows software related issue maximum of two two calls per month. Email us to start your technical support session. The days open function is now available for those using the date format of DD/MM/YYYY. Added a report to the Purchase order window to print all orders.

Version 8.5.6 - Added April 15, 2008 - Fixed a issue where the use of the new manifest file in the Service Master installation folder was causing some users to not be able to run Service Master properly.

Version 8.5.5 - Added March 13, 2008 - Added a menu option on the Invoice Master window called Settings that has the ability to allow you to include the client phone number on the printed invoice if one was entered. Other settings will be added and moved here in the future under this menu item. Improved the Purchase Order report print out. Added the phone numbers to all of the reports on the Invoice window. Fixed an issue where users who use the date format DD/MM/YYYY were able to enter, by accident I'm sure, a completed date that came before the call-in date. The other format checked for this, but now both formats are checked.

Version 8.5.4 - Added February 28, 2008 - You can now export the inventory master report to a CSV so you can open the report in Excel. Fixed an issue where if you have Service Master perform an Alert Check At Start Up and no records were found the progress bar would stay visible and grayed out at the bottom of the main window. Modified the automatic log-out feature for users who use the User & Password feature. Fix an issue on the invoice print out where if you don't have either a phone number or fax number for your company listed it won't print the title Phone or Fax with nothing after it. Fixed an issue were when you ran a report in either one of the inventory windows when you closed the report window the focus went to the main screen and not the inventory screen, and the inventory screen was hidden behind the main window.

Version 8.5.3 - Added February 17, 2008 - Added the ability to change the title to the Invoice print out on the invoice master. You can now change it to anything you wish. Go to the invoice & price quote master window edit menu at the top to make those changes. Added two new reports to the Screen by search text string & Screen work orders by work order number range. These new reports allow you to export the data to a CSV, Comma Separated Values, file. This file can be opened with many different programs including Microsoft Excel. Exporting to this format allows you to have more data per page. You now have the ability to change the label text on the inventory master window to meet your company needs. It is now possible to close the main window with the X button on the top right of the window. Changed the inventory adjustment report to separate each record with a line. Redesigned the Service Master web site.

Version 8.5.2 - Added February 6, 2008 - Fixed and issue with the backup/restore function where if you tried to access a non-writable drive such as a CD drive you might get a runtime error and Service Master would stop responding. Modified the appearance of Service Master interface to look more modern. This update has a few steps. First do a web update from the settings menu, and update to 8.5.2. Then when the new version restarts do another web update. There won't be another update to download but a file called (WorkOrders.exe.manifest) will be downloaded to your installation folder. Then restart Service Master to see the changes. This new improved interface will only change on those users who are running Service Master on Windows XP, 2003 Server, & Vista. All others will not see any changes to the interface style. Those users will see all the other improvements.

Version 8.5.1 - Added February 2, 2008 - Added the ability to sort the Phone Book & Contacts Master items alphabetically. Click on the menu option Sort then Alpha Sort to perform this function. Rearranged the report menu by moving the Screen work orders by work order number range to it's own menu option. Modified the back up feature to allow you to back up either to the root of a drive such as in this example (C:) or back up to a specific folder, (directory), such as (E:\Backup). Fixed an issue where if you clicked on the report menu then used the navigational tool Service Master would take you to record number 1 and would not allow you to move around with the tool unless you restarted the program.

Version 8.5.0 - Added January 17, 2008 - Added the current company name in the title of the invoice and purchase order windows so you will always know which company/property you were currently working with.. This is helpful for those that manage more than one company/property with Service Master and are using the Multi-Property support feature. Moved the Screen By Name report to its own line under the Print Reports menu instead of under the Screen By Search Text String. Changed the installation files available on the site. There is now a separate installation file for Windows Vista. This setup file installs everything to the folder (c:\users\public\Service Master) instead of the (c:\program files\Service Master). Microsoft Vista by default doesn't allow you to make changes to files in the program files folder. So any new work orders wouldn't get saved unless you went through the annoying and difficult process of changing the security settings on the folder. If you allow the installer to install to it's default location no changes by you will have to be made to the folder. If you have networked Service Master and your main computer is Vista then just point your workstations shortcut to this folder.

Version 8.4.9 - Added January 3, 2008 - Fixed an issue where you couldn't delete records in the inventory adjustment window. Modified the inventory adjustment report layout. Fixed an issue where the progress bar on the main form would sometimes remain on the main window even when you restarted the program. This issue was an isolated one.

Version 8.4.8 - Added December 10, 2007 - Fixed an issue where if your trial version had expired and you click the clear button the program would give you an error message and stop responding. Also disabled the chat over local network when trial version expires. Service Master has a new price of $50.00 for a single license, and $199.00 for a multi-license. Service Master is worth the increased price and is always under development. Constant development and free updates means you will always have an up to date application. We also still except program request. If you have a special need not currently in Service Master please use the above Contact Us link to email us.

Version 8.4.7 - Added December 8, 2007 - Added the fax field to the invoice and purchase order print out. Also added the word Phone and Fax to print out before both of the numbers in format Phone: ###-###-####. Fixed the Inventory Adjustment feature. There was a problem with the program finding the database. Fixed an issue where if you pasted large amounts of text into certain fields, more than the field was designed to handle, on the main window you weren't able to save records.

Version 8.4.6 - Added November 5, 2007 - Turned the new Auto-Complete function off by default. If you want to turn it on go to Settings then click Turn on Auto Complete Feature. This setting will be saved for the next time you use Service Master.

Version 8.4.5 - Added November 4, 2007 - Added a new report for the Invoice window called "All Invoices". Enlarged the Assigned To & Taken By windows. Improved all four of the Screen by Search Text String reports to now look for a string of word(s) to include the Unit number field or whatever you renamed that field to. So now that field along with Description of Work To be Completed & Description of Work Completed are searched. Changed the Unit Number field, or whatever you renamed it to, to perform a auto complete. While changing a current or creating a new work order this new function will search for prior text that has been typed into this field. So if you wanted to type in the customer name Steven Smith and you started to type ST it would start to fill in every name that starts with ST that you have typed into this field in the past. Click on the little down arrow to view a list of the prior names that start with what you have already started to type. Added a button called Clear on the main form. This button will clear the new Unit number field if needed.

Version 8.4.4 - Added October 26, 2007 - User name and password for the the User & Password Protection function can now accept user names and passwords up to eleven characters. Fixed an issue where sometimes when you have Service Master networked and one user creates a new work order record then another user on a another computer runs a report that new record didn't show up on their report. Added an auto incremental Invoice and Purchase Order numbering system. Now when you click either "New P.O." or "New Invoice" the program will input a number into the number field for you. The number is generated by taking the number of records in the database and adding one to it. Made a change to the Invoice and Purchase Order windows so when adding a new record it will remember the last city, state, zip code, shipping method, and shipping terms that was entered. These items will be entered for you and then highlight so if you need to make a change then you can just type over the already entered text. The current date will also be entered for you. These changes will take place when the field gets focus. The first time you create a new record with this new update you will not see a change, but when you make the next record the fields will be entered for you. You can use the tab key on your keyboard to move through the fields quickly. Added the ability to print the company phone number next to the company name on the work order report. To make this change click on Settings, Properties, Work Order Report Settings, then Include Phone Number With Company Name. Added two new options called "Task Scheduler Alert" and "Inventory Adjustment". Task Scheduler Alert allows you to setup alerts to remind you to perform a certain task such as replace air filters or any other task. These task are checked every time you start Service Master. You can setup task by clicking on the Edit menu then select Task Scheduler Alert. Inventory Adjustment allows you to setup all the parts that you have in inventory then when a part is used you hit the F7 key on your keyboard to bring up the adjustment window to reduce that inventory item by the amount used. This will allow you to keep track of usage and reports can be run to allow for easier ordering of new parts. Click F7 to setup or start the Inventory Adjustment at anytime.

Version 8.4.3 - Added October 11, 2007 - Added the ability to have custom Purchase Order Message lines for the Purchase Order print out for each company/property if you are using multiple company/property support. For each company/property you create you can create it's own Purchase order message line for lines 1 through 4. When you open the purchase order window while working on a property the message lines that you saved under the Create & Edit Company/Property Information window for that property will show in the message lines on the purchase order window, and this will print on the invoice report. You can not save new message line text within the purchase order window while in Multi company/property mode. You can only save text here while in single mode. If you using multiple property support then make any changes in the Create & Edit Company/Property Information under the properties menu. Added the ability when using multiple property support to change the labels for the Unit Number, Priority Work Order, Move In Inspection, Special Info, and Back Charge Labels. The labels names may have already been changed by you or someone else. These are the default label names. You can also setup which report prints. You can choose from Entire Report, Top Section Only, Bottom Section Only, or Contractor Report .If you don't make a choice of reports then when switching property/company the report will not change. You can now completely customize each and every part of the program for each company/property you manage. To make this change click menu option Settings, Properties then Create & Edit Company/Property Information. If any of these five labels are left blank they will not change when switching over to another company or property. They will remain as they were before switching over. Added the file UnitNumber.txt to the "File Backup" folder. This folder is where all the database and text files that hold your data is backed up when you exit the application. If you have any issues with any of these files you can backup from this location. All these files are over written when you exit Service Master. UnitNumber.txt is the file that stores any data that you type into the window that appears when you double click the Unit Number text box. You may have changed the name of the Unit Number text box label. Fixed an issue with the new select unit number function that was added in the last update. The problem was when adding a new work order and you didn't type a unit number because you wanted to select from the list of common unit numbers used by either double clicking the unit number text box or clicking F12 while that box has focus the program would tell you that you didn't enter a unit Number.

Version 8.4.2 - Added September 15, 2007 - Modified the Chat Over Local Network function. Added the ability to include your name in the message and made a limit of 400 characters per message. Also added a vertical scroll bar in the message box and a confirmation label when sent. Chat over Lan function only works with Windows XP. Added an Invoice details text box on invoice window, and one for the Purchase Order function. You can type any details that are needed for an invoice, or purchase order. This data will not show on the printed invoice, or purchase order. They are just for storing data for reference. Added the ability to have custom Invoice Message lines for the Invoice print out for each company/property if you are using multiple company/property support. For each company/property you create you can create it's own invoice message line for lines 1 through 4. When you open the invoice window while working on a property the message lines that you saved under the Create & Edit Company/Property Information window for that property will show in the message lines on the invoice window, and this will print on the invoice report. You can not save new message line text within the invoice window while in Multi company/property mode. You can only save text here while in single mode. If you using multiple property support then make any changes in the Create & Edit Company/Property Information under the properties menu. Added a check box below the total box on the Invoice window called "Print This as a Price Quote". This will print at the top of the the report the words "PRICE QUOTE" instead of "INVOICE". This setting is not save and must be manually changed each time if a Price Quote is needed. The default is Invoice. Changed the name of the menu item Invoice Master to Invoice & Price Quote Master. Added the ability to double click the "Unit Number" text box, or what ever you changed it to, to select an entry that you will use often. Just double click the box and another window will open. You then enter, delete or select your entries. If you select one by double clicking an entry in the list it will automatically fill in the "Unit Number" text box for you.

Version 8.4.1 - Added September 9, 2007 - Added a progress bar on the bottom of main form. Now when you run a report you will see it's progress as Service Master goes through your database file. Added a new feature on the Phone Book window called Export Phone Book To a Outlook CSV File under the new menu option called Export. You can export your phone book entries into a comma separated file in the csv format. Use this to import these entries into Outlooks Contact feature. Changed the way the Move Out Unit Number or whatever you changed the Unit Number field to reports the final data. Now instead of reporting all four sections in separate message boxes you now will see just one message box at the end. Also changed the wording on the first message box for this function. Added a new feature under the Settings menu called Chat Over Local Network. This feature allows you to chat over your local area network (LAN) through Service Master. All you need to know is the computer name of the computer you want to send a message to. The Messenger service must be running on all computers that want to chat. The Messenger service should not be confused with the program called Microsoft Messenger, that is a completely different thing. This service is by default turned off in Windows XP SP 2 so it will probably need to be turned on. The Messenger service is described in Windows XP as (Transmits net send and Alerter service messages between clients and servers. This service is not related to Windows Messenger. If this service is stopped, Alerter messages will not be transmitted. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.) if you are unable to chat using this feature open up control panel, Administrative Tool, Services, then make sure Messenger is started and set to automatic. You don't need this service running to run Service Master, but you will need it running if you want to use this feature within Service Master. Added two new text boxes on the invoice window. One for storing customer phone numbers and one for customer email addresses. This data will not show on the printed invoice. It is just for storing this data for reference.

Version 8.4.0 - Added August 28, 2007 - Added the ability to print work orders directly to the default printer without having the printer selection dialog box appear. The number of work orders to print will be one with this option. Default is set to show the printer dialog box. To make this change click on Settings, Properties then click on "Print Work Order Without Printer Selection". This will change the menu option to "Print Work Order With Printer Selection" so you can change back if you desire to choose a different printer when printing the work order. Changing this option will be saved for the next time you use Service Master. This option must be set on all copies of Service Master if you have networked the software. Removed the spell check function on the main form for the work to be completed and work completed because of to many versions of word makes this not work perfectly at this time. Word 2007 is giving it a problem and sometimes froze Service Master and made it unresponsive. This function will be added back in at a later time when fixed. Added a report to the Inventory Master window called "All Inventory Items" under the reports menu option on the Inventory window. Reformatted the invoice print out a little to be compatible with envelopes with windows for mailing your customer invoices. When you now print the invoice you can fold them in a three fold manner and place them in either a double window, or single window envelope and the the company name and address will be lined up and show through the window properly.

Version 8.3.9 - Added August 18, 2007 - Added the ability for the application to remember the last directory that you used for the sports logo and invoice logo. this will save you time the next time you change one of these picture files. Wanted to take this moment to tell everyone that Service Master Software can be used for any type of business that needs to track work orders or customer orders. It's not just for apartments and property management. There has been some confusion with some of our customers on this topic. Most labels and reports can be customized to meet your company needs. If you think something should be customizable and it currently isn't please let us know and we will make it so. This also goes for any other changes that you think should be made. Our software company is different than others in that we make most changes/additions that our customers make. If it is important to you and your company than it will be important to others. This makes Service Master Software better for everyone. Service Master is always under constant development. We will be updating Service Master Software for years to come because it sells very well. So keep in mind when you buy it new updates are always free and you will never be charged again after the one time purchase. To perform a web update click on the menu option Settings then Web Update to download the new update. Added the ability to double click the printer name on the print work order, print invoice, and print purchase order print windows to start the print job verse click the printer name then the OK button. Either way will work. Added the ability to change the "Priority Work Order" check box label text to meet your company needs. You can make this change under the "Settings" menu then "Properties". Changing this label text will also change the report names that this check box is connected to along with the text that prints on the work order report if checked. Made a change to the Invoice print out where if you type a nonnumeric value in the Terms # area such as PAID IN FULL or some other text the # sign will not print on the invoice. The # will only print if a number is entered such as a check number or credit card number. Added the word INVOICE to the top right of the Invoice print out. Fixed an issue on the invoice and purchase order description fields where if you typed two much text into the fields it would print out partially on the next line.

Version 8.3.8 - Added August 8, 2007 - Fixed an issue with the last version release 8.3.7 with the Partial Search reports. The two new reports didn't take into account the users that have changed the Unit Number label to something else. The two new reports on the menu will now reflect the name of your modified label. Added work order completed date to the resident copy, or customer copy, section of the work order report print out. The completed date text will only print if the work order has a completed date in the completed date field on the main window. Changed the Property Name label on the main form to Property/Company Name. Update August 10, 2007 - For those who are purchasing Service Master added a forward and back button on the Buy Now window to control the internet browser. This change was minor so a new version number wasn't released. You can perform a manual update here or wait for the next release 8.3.9.

Version 8.3.7 - Added August 8, 2007 - Added the ability to change the RESIDENT COPY label on the work order report print out to be changed to CUSTOMER COPY. To make this change click on the settings menu option then properties, work order report settings then Change Resident Copy Label to Customer Copy. If you have networked Service Master then you must make this change on all networked copies. Changed the length of the work order report print out message at the bottom on resident/customer copy to be much longer. It is now the entire length of the page and it is one font size smaller. It was made smaller to allow even more text to be added to the work order message because there is only so much room on a piece of paper. Added two new reports. Both reports are under the Screen By "Unit Number", or whatever you changed Unit Number to. Both allow for a partial wildcard search. For example if you knew only part of the fields name or number like 1408 village blvd, you could type in "14" and it would bring up anything starting with 14.

Version 8.3.6 - Added August 4, 2007 - Just released version 8.3.5 yesterday but had a request from a user to add an inventory function into Service Master. This new feature called Inventory Master is located under the Edit and utilities menus. You can add to the database your business assets such as office equipment, vehicles, tools, and so on. Also fixed an issue when editing your property information when you clicked update it would take you to the very first property record in the database. It now stays on the record that was edited. Fixed some issues on the Invoice Master and Purchase Order Master where if you typed to much text into certain text boxes it wouldn't allow you to save that current record. It now only allows up to a certain number of characters and works fine. We are currently working on a new project called "Asset & Inventory Master". This application will be a full service inventory system that will allow you to add pictures, video and all of your insurance, home owner, business contacts and policies. It will allow for full backup and recover. The perfect solution in the case of disaster. You can even perform an offsite password protected backup of your files and more. This new software will be free and used to promote Service Master.

Version 8.3.5 - Added August 3, 2007 - Fixed an issue with the Purchase Order Message to your vendors section. A couple of the boxes weren't being saved properly. Also this same section wouldn't print out correctly if some of the lines went to a second line. Two lines have a 2 line max for this section on the report.

Version 8.3.4 - Added July 17, 2007 - Fixed an issue where the program would stop responding if you had the phone book password protected then opened the password window then clicked cancel then clicked new work order. Changed the name of the Invoice function from Service Invoice Master to just Invoice Master. Added three fields on the Invoice Master called Paid, Partial Payment, and Unpaid. You can use this to track what the payment status for each invoice is. You can also print reports on all paid invoices, all partial payments, and all unpaid invoices from the invoice master window. Added the ability to save the number of copies to print on the print invoice dialog window. Rearranged the invoice print out to make it more professional looking. Added a new function called Purchase Order Master. Use this in the same way as Invoice Master, but for Purchase Orders. Changed the look of many of the objects on the Invoice Master window. Increased the width of the currency print out on invoice report to allow much larger amounts. Extended column is now formatted in ##,###.00 format on the invoice report. Fixed an issue where if you had certain windows open and then exited Service Master those windows would remain opened. Fixed an issue where sometimes if you inputted a discount amount on the invoice window it would tell you that the discount amount is greater than the subtotal when it wasn't. Fixed the Remember # of Copies check box on the print work order dialog box to properly remember the settings.

Version 8.3.3 - Added June 30, 2007 - Fixed an issue on the Service Invoice printed report where the company name at the top may get cut off on the bottom of the name. Service Invoice text boxes are now setup to trim any leading or trailing spaces that you may have inadvertently typed in to the text boxes so everything always lines up correctly.

Version 8.3.2 - Added June 25, 2007 - Fixed an issue where the web update feature would sometimes stop responding. If this happens to you and you can't update to this version update just close Service Master after trying the web update then reopen Service Master then try again first thing it should work so you can get this update. Updated some tool tip text on some controls. Fixed an issue where both screen by completed work orders reports with work completed were printing the work completed information twice.

Version 8.3.1 - Added June 21, 2007 - Added another menu link to the Service Invoice under the Utilities menu. Fixed an error on the single property "Create & Edit Company/Property Information" function. It would stop responding if nothing was typed into the input box on one of the questions. Performed some more code optimization by decreasing memory usage. Added a way to prevent a user from creating a new property under the multiple property option and not type in a name for the property. The name of the property is rather important. If you are creating a new property and don't type in a property name then click update you will be notified of the mistake and the record will be deleted so you can try again. Made a function to prevent a user from deleting the property that they are currently working within. Added a download link on the Service Invoice and work order Printer Dialog box to download CutePDF Writer. This application allows you to print, or save, to a PDF file instead of printing to your printer. This program is free and can be downloaded here as well. Added a new link at the top of this version history page called "Nightly Build" This will be the most up to date version of Service Master Software. There will be no documentation on it's changes and will not be available for the web update feature in the application because it's not officially released yet. When the update becomes official it will then become available under the web update feature. The purpose of the Nightly Build is for those wanting to see the latest updates but don't want to wait for the official release. Certain features seen in a Nightly Build may not make it into an official release version. Nightly Builds will always have a version number of the current officially released version on this site so that the user can do a web update without any problem when the next version is released.

Version 8.3.0 - Added June 18, 2007 - Fixed an issue where the search by text string reports with work completed would sometimes print the work completed data twice for each record. Also all of the search by text string reports would not always give the proper property records if you are using multiple properties.

Version 8.2.9 - Added June 13, 2007 - Fixed an issue in both "Screen By Name" reports. The reports weren't always printing the proper header information. Performed some more code optimization reducing memory usage. Made the duplicate work order check window the same height as the report window. Added a feature for the Invoice function where you can add a company logo onto the far top right portion of the invoice print out. To add a company logo image file open the invoice window then click the "Edit" menu option then click "Insert Company Logo On Invoice", and load your companies logo. Only a small image file will be excepted due to the small area on the "Insert Invoice Logo" window, and on the invoice print out. You can insert a larger image file, but it will be resized to fit the image place holder. Made the "Run Alert Record Check" function work for anyone using Multiple Properties. Before it would only bring up expired alert records for the current property that you currently working with. Now it looks at all records not just the ones that are tagged with your current property. The report will print the property name above the work order number for each record. Fixed an issue where if you never used the Service Invoice feature and had updated to or are using version 8.2.6 to 8.2.8 you would get a runtime error and the application would crash. A new installation with version 8.2.7 would have had one record in the Service Invoice database that would prevent the error, but if you updated to via a Web Update your database wouldn't have been effected only the WorkOrders.exe file would have been updated so you would have still gotten this error if you have never entered a record into the Service Invoice database. The new installation has that one start off record removed. Now all of the "Screen By Search Text String" reports look for the given search string in both the "Description Of Work To Be Completed" and "Description of Work Completed" fields. Fixed and issue where if you are working in Multiple Property mode and did a "Screen By Search Text String" you would sometimes get records for other properties.

Version 8.2.8 - Added June 6, 2007 - Fixed an issue where if the Service Master Software trial period expired and you haven't registered yet and tried to send an email to us with the "Email The Service Master Software Team" under the Help menu then when you were done the application would crash. Also if the program wasn't registered and was expired and you tried to do a Web Update you would get a message telling you incorrectly that the your firewall has blocked access to the internet. Your firewall may still be blocking Service Master from getting internet access, but in this case you would have always been told that you were blocked. The date field on the invoice window now supports clicking F11 for those using the date format DD/MM/YYYY. Changed the status bar at the bottom of the main form when Multiple property support is being used. When adding a new work order the status bar no longer says "Not Set Please click update to Assign". It now just says "Current Work Order is Assigned to:". This only applies when adding a new record when your on a record the is currently assigned to a property. Added a menu option under the Help menu called "Start Your Companies Web Work Order Submission Form Today". This option is a link to our web site that explains the Web Work Order Submission Form that you can start for your company. Fixed an issue where if you were using Multiple property support and you added a property and the property name had a certain number of characters or higher then added a new work order for that property Service Master wouldn't save that record. Fixed an issue where the Tool Tip text wouldn't display the character "&" correctly. Made some optimization changes to the code that has decreased application size and memory usage.

Version 8.2.7 - Added June 1, 2007 - Made a change to the Email Client function where if you have the Email Client window open and send an email then click the menu option again it reloads the window. Added a new service on our web site called Web Work Order Submission. This service allows you to purchase a web site address from us hosted on this web site that allows your residents or customers to submit an online work order request. For $10.00 per month or $200.00 for three years you get a dedicated web address that you can have your clients go to and they can submit an online work order 24 hours a day. The first month is free and can be cancelled at anytime. This information is emailed to you and your client is emailed a confirmation. This new service isn't related to the Service Master Software, but we decided to mention it here. To see a sample of this new Web Work Order Submission service click here. To see a sample without any descriptions click here. The web site can be fully customizable to meet your company needs such as changing the text, colors, or even adding new fields. This new feature was added May 31, 2007. Fixed an issue where if you performed a fresh install of the last update and you entered the Service Invoice feature you would get a runtime error and the application would close because it was trying to go to the last invoice record when there wasn't any records to begin with. Going to the last or most recently added record was an update change in the most recent version update. Added an initial record to start the new installation off with. Also it's now not possible to delete the last record in the Service Invoice database which if allowed would cause this problem to reappear. There must always be at least one record in the database at all times.

Version 8.2.6 - Added May 29, 2007 - Made a change to the Service Invoice feature where when you add a new invoice the new invoice record remains the current record after clicking Update instead of going to the first record. Message lines at the bottom of invoice now prints in bold. When you now open the Service Invoice window the last invoice, (most recently added record), is now the first to be displayed instead of the first record, (first invoice record ever made). Sales tax rate is now saved for future use. Sales tax use to be saved but with recent changes this option was somehow deleted. If a sales tax rate of .00 is entered, or is left blank then the sales tax label and amount will not print on the invoice. Changed all labels throughout Service Master that are able to be changed to allow the character &.

Version 8.2.5 - Added May 24, 2007 - Fixed an issue where if you put an amount into the Discount field on the Service Invoice window that was less than the Subtotal you may wrongly get a message telling you that your discount amount is greater than your Subtotal. Added a feature to the Service Invoice where if you don't input a discount or shipping amount then those labels won't print out on the invoice. Also if there isn't a discount amount entered then the second Subtotal label won't print anymore. Made the Total amount underlined. If you make a change to a current Invoice record that record will now stay the current record instead of moving to the last record.

Version 8.2.4 - Added May 16, 2007 - Fixed an issue where if you cancelled the printer dialog box for the Service Invoice feature focus went to the main form and not the invoice window. All fields on invoice print out are now right justified so everything lines up correctly. Fixed an issue where the ampersand character (&) if used wasn't printing on the invoice print out, or any work order report.

Version 8.2.3 - Added May 15, 2007 - Fixed an issue in the phone book window where if you checked the "Password Protect Phone Book" option and didn't setup a password then clicked the Exit button you would be warned that you didn't setup the password but then the window would just close. Now the window doesn't close and allows you to setup your password. Made a change to the invoice function payment # field. Before if there wasn't a payment number such as a credit card number entered in this field it would still print the #: on the invoice print out. Now if nothing is entered this text will not be printed. Added a new option to the Terms section of the invoice function called None. If this is selected then Terms isn't printed on the invoice. Some how the contractor report wasn't printing if you selected this option. It now prints. Added a feature on the Invoice window called "Edit Invoice Headers". This is a menu option at the top left of the invoice window. This new feature will allow you to change the printed out headers to match your company needs or you can also change to your native language. Added support for South Africa currency the Rand. Added support for Swedish currency the Krona. Service Master single license fee is now $40.00 U.S. Mulit-License is now $110.00 U.S. Added full currency support for selected currencies on the invoice print out.

Version 8.2.2 - Added May 9, 2007 - Added the changes below after version 8.2.1 and added it to the site for download.

Version 8.2.1 - Added May 3, 2007 - Added the ability if you are using multiple property support to double click the property name text box to bring up the "Change To Another Property" selection window. Added a status bar at the bottom of the main window that displays the "Current Work Order is assigned to:" if you are running Service Master Software in multiple property mode. This will let you know if the current work order was assigned to a different property or company than you are currently working in. Added a report under "Screen By Assigned To Person" called "Screen By Assigned To Person With Date Range And Outstanding. Added a report called "Screen By Assigned To Person With Call-In Date Only & Outstanding. Both of these reports do exactly what they say. Tweaked the "Screen work orders by work order number range" reports. It was reporting date range when it shouldn't. Update on May 4, 2007. Updated version 8.2.1 but didn't issue a new version number because it's a minor change. Modified the "Screen By Assigned To Person With Call-In Date Only & Outstanding & Property Name” to include Property name. This is helpful when running in Multiple property mode so you can know what property name the work order was assigned to. Update: On May 8, 2007. Added a "Network Discovery Tool" to the network installation setup file. When you now install the network setup file it runs a program that allows you to browse the entire network for the WorkOrders.exe file on the main server computer to link to in order to run Service Master Software on a workstation. There is also a "Show Me How" button on the new application to show you how to use this new tool. After the tool allows you to find the applications main file it creates a shortcut on the workstations computer desktop and start menu. To view the tutorial on how to use this tool click here.

Version 8.2.0 - Added April 30, 2007 - Fixed an issue where the word Description would appear under the work order to be done description in the duplicate screen along with an additional blank line. Fixed and issue where if you double clicked a work order number to view the record in edit mode the title of the message box would have some strange characters after the work order number and before the question mark. Updated Tip Of The Day file.

Version 8.1.9 - Added April 24, 2007. Fixed an issue where if you use the Multiple Property feature and changed properties some of the new properties info wasn't changed such as company name on reports. Since the update version 8.1.8 had such a large amount of changes it is no surprise that it slipped past us. Updated on April 25, 2007 the next fix after 8.1.9 was released but left the version number the same and added to the site because it was minor. Fixed an issue where if you double right clicked on the report window or the duplicate report window Service Master would crash. Double right clicking any of the report windows shouldn't do anything including not crashing. Fixed some spelling errors through out the application. Fixed an issue where if you used the User Password & Protection feature then used the Log out feature the selection box to change the amount of time to select wasn't viewable.

Version 8.1.8 - Added April 23, 2007. Added two new tables to the database file. The first one adds multi-property support to Service Master. If you are managing more than one property, business or location you can now differentiate between them. The second new table saves invoices created in the Service Invoice feature. This will save all the invoice information into the database file called work.mdb located in the installation folder. Remember that since all this is saved into the database all this information can be shared between other computers if networked and will be backed up when you perform a database back up. Since it is backed up if you ever upgrade to a new computer all you have to do is install Service Master onto the new computer then perform a restore on the new computer and all your data will have been moved over and restored. Added a new label and text box on the main form called Property Name. This will display the current Property Name that you are working with. To create or edit a property name you need to click the "Settings" menu then "Properties", then "Create & Edit Company/Property Information". Once your properties have been created you can switch to another property by clicking the "Settings" menu then "Properties", then "Change To Another Property". If you don't have the need for multiple properties and if this new update is an upgrade then you don't have to do anything. If this is a new install then just create the one property and that will be all you need to do. If you do need multiple properties then remember that when you run a report only the records created for the property that your currently working on will only be displayed, hence the multiple property function. If you are upgrading to this new version any old records will not be displayed because they have not been tagged with the property name. We know that this can be a problem for some but there isn't anyway to automatically fix this. The only way is for you to change to the property you want the old records to be tagged with then scroll through all the records with the Navigation Tool and click the update button to tag the record with the property name. If you don't want a record to be tagged with the property name that your currently working with then don't click update. Using the Navigation Tool you will still be able to view all records no matter what property name it has been tagged with. Only reports will be limited by property name. Removed the "Print To Printer" option under the "Reports" menu. All reports will now be sent to a print preview screen first then you can decide if you want to print it to the printer or saved to a PDF file, or maybe you just want to review it. The new Print item under the "Reports" menu is called "Print Reports". Fixed an issue where if you created a user with the User & Password Protection feature and didn't give them the right to edit then that user used the navigational tool to scroll through the records the "Update Record" button would be enabled when it shouldn't have been. Also if you use the User & Password Protection a user must have Edit rights to use the Service Invoice feature. Fixed an issue where if you changed the default check box called "Move-In Inspection" name the last two reports under "Screen Outstanding Work Orders" were still labeled as Move-In Inspection. Fixed a problem when printing reports with more than one page sometimes one record would print half on one page and the other on another page. It now separates and formats the records properly. Fixed another issue where if you had outstanding work order(s) for a unit and put in a new work order for that unit and the duplicate work order check window would appear the records were not always formatted correctly and some info would not appear at all. It now displays the entire record properly. Added page numbers to all report print outs at the bottom of the page. Made the Move In Inspection check box right justified. This change is only for those who changed or who will change this check box text. Fixed the formatting of the Screen Phone Number report. Before it wouldn't line up the text correctly. It now displays the text correctly if you use phone number in format ###-#### or ###-###-####. If any other format is used it may not line up exactly right, but will display all text. Added the ability to print an additional signature on invoice. Fixed an issue where changing the default Special Info or Back Charge labels sometimes the last line of the text would be cut off if the text had a g or p in it. Fixed an issue where some reports would be cut off mid record. Some reports printed would print half a record on the bottom of one page then the second half of the record would print on the top of the next page. Now records are printed with out any separation of records.

Version 8.1.7 - Added April 12, 2007. Removed the Email Report & Create PDF buttons on the report & dupe windows. We now recommend downloading and installing a free PDF creator software called CutePDF Writer which can be downloaded from our web site located under the Download menu. Added a Remember # of Copies check box on the Print Work Order dialog window. This if checked will remember the number of copies you set for the next time you print a work order. Added the ability to change the text in the label for the Back Charge field.

Version 8.1.6 - Added April 3, 2007. Added automatic back up of the main executable file called WorkOrders.exe, AssignedTo.txt, BackCharge.txt, SpecialInfo.txt, TakenBy.txt into a folder called "File BackUp" located in the "c:\Program Files\Service Master" which is located on the computer that Service Master was installed to. If networked then its the computer acting as the server. Fixed an issue where if you were running Service Master on a network the second or more instance(s) of the application would take a long time to start. It now starts promptly.

Version 8.1.5 - Added April 1, 2007. This version is now fully compatible with Windows Vista. If you are going to run Service Master on Vista you must enable full control on the security settings for the folder that you installed Service Master to. The default folder is c:\program files\ service master. We have included instructions on how to do this on the tutorial page on this site and also a message box will appear the first time the new version runs on the Vista machine. If you don't follow these instructions Service Master will run but you won't be able to save any new records or changes. Also if you're running Vista you can't save a back up file to the root of any internal hard drive due to a security settings. It can be done but we don't want our users to change the way vista security works on the root of any drive. You can however perform a backup to a floppy or external USB drive. Vista is a great operating system no matter what you may have heard. It runs far faster than XP and has a lot of great features. Removed most on the menu icons because they don't look right in Vista and on some configurations of other versions of windows. Added a feature that automatically backs up these files: work.mdb, users.mdb, Updater.exe, TIPOFDAY.smd. These files are support files and are backed up automatically to a folder called "File BackUp" located in the installation folder when Service Master closes. If you ever have a situation where any of these files are lost you can open this folder and get them back. It is still recommended that you still perform a database backup regularly.

Version 8.1.4 - Added March 27, 2007. Added the ability to change the label text for the Special Info label. Added a Back Charge field & label. This is used for those who need to indicate who will need to be charged at a later time. You can also use the F12 key when this field has focus to add and delete items just like the Special Info Field does already. Fixed the way you move to the next field when you hit the Enter button instead of tab. Now it goes in the proper order when Enter is used. Fixed an issue that made certain fields on the work order report still print in bold even when the Ink\Toner saver function was on. Rearranged the header information at the top of the work order report. Fixed an issue where if you have the work order settings set to only print the bottom half parts of the top half remained and printed on top of the others. Added a new work order report. This new report will only print the work requested and not the work completed, but will print an entire page of work requested. This is for those users who need to print out a much larger work requested work order. There really is no limit to how much text you can type into the work requested and work completed fields, but on the default work order report only a certain portion is printed due to the limited amount of space on a piece of paper. This new work order report can be selected under Settings, Properties, Work Order Report Settings, Choose Work Order Sections To Print, then choose Contractor Report. Added two reports under the Print To Screen menu option called Screen By Back Charge & Screen By Special Info, where Special Info is whatever you renamed the Special Info label to. These reports will print to screen reports of whatever you typed in these fields. Fixed an issue when using User & Password Protection and the current user doesn't have edit rights then clicks in the Description of work to be completed field the user name would be entered automatically into the taken by field. Tweaked the move out function a little. Changed the way the Microsoft Access isn't installed message worked. Before if you didn't have access installed on your computer a message box would appear every time you started Service Master warning you of this and that Service Master MAY not run correctly. Most of the time it will run fine without it depending on how old your version of Windows is. You can disable this message under the Help menu option, but we have added code to remove it automatically once you enter a new work order. If your able to add a new work order then its working fine and the message is no longer needed. Fixed an issue where if you had the Navigational tool open then added a new work order the navigational tool would disappear and wouldn't reappear unless you manually showed it. Changed the text in the report menus from print by service person to print by assigned to person to match the text on the main form.

Version 8.1.3 - Added March 10, 2007. Moved the Time In & Time Out above the Cost Of Repair and Total Man Hours. This was done because after entering the Time In & Time Out times the Total Man Hours is calculated for you. As long as the Time In is before the Time Out. If for example a service order was started at 11:30 PM at night an ended at 12:30 AM the next morning then the calculation will not be made automatically, and you would have to enter it yourself. The format of the Time In & Time Out should be in the form of 12:30 PM or 12:30 AM. Do not put any periods between of after the PM or AM like P.M.

Version 8.1.2 - Added March 3, 2007. Made a change to the Web Update function. Before if there wasn't a new update the mouse icon would remain the hour glass icon and not revert back to the default arrow pointer. State field on Invoice will automatically be uppercase. Updated the Tip Of The Day file.

Version 8.1.1 - Added February 27, 2007. Version 8.0 Added the ability to change the Cost Of Repair field to Total Man Hours, but that left the user without the Cost Of Repair field. This update now has both. Also added the ability to to enable the Navigational tool on start up if it was shown when you exited the software. Whatever state the navigational tool is when you exit will be the state when you next run Service Master. Fixed a few bugs in the way users were allowed to have access to certain fields. This is only if you use User & Password Protection. With this feature you can grant users certain rights such as Print, Add, Edit, or Admin rights and password protect the accounts.

Version 8.1.0 - Added on February 25, 2007. Added a new version numbering system. Before the version would increment from 8.0 to 8.1 and so on. Now since we make many small changes we will start using the revision number. So this version number with the revision number is 8.1.0 the next will be 8.1.1. So version 8.1.0 works like the following: 8 is the major, 1 is the minor, and 0 is the revision. This new system will allow us to upload to the server even the smallest revision and you will be able to download it without us having to make incremental changes to the minor number or hold back on it until more changes dictate another minor change. We always added the update even when small but the software didn't see that there was an update because we kept the minor number the same. Also changed the way many message boxes display their text. The text is now on separate lines to increase readability. Added a file to our server for free download called VB_DCOM_MDAC_JET_AutoSetup.exe. If you are still having problems starting Service Master Software on one of your computers you can try downloading & installing this file to clear up any errors that you may be getting. This software is supplied by Microsoft, but is hosted on our site. Added a Time In & Time Out field to the main form. This is helpful for those who need to track times that a serviceman has been working on an order. If these fields are not empty then they will print on the work order report.

Version 8.0 - Added on February 13, 2007. Many new changes in this update. Added the ability to change the Cost Of Repair label & field to Total Man Hours. Under the Settings menu option then Properties choose Cost Of Repair - Settings then click Change Field To Total Man Hours. This Will change the label from Cost Of Repair to Total Man Hours. This action will also add six new reports under Report To Screen Menu. The new reports are under Screen by Unit, Screen by Service Person & Screen All Work Orders. You can run reports that include next to the completed date the amount of man hours that work orders took and a total at the bottom of the report. Changing from Cost Of Repair to Total Man Hours requires you to change any old work orders that you want included in your reports that had a format of a dollar amount to the new format. If the report is run and it finds a dollar amount such as $25.00 the report will see this as 25.00 total man hours. If you use a currency symbol other than the U.S.A./Canada/Australia $ symbol then Service Master will ignore this amount completely. Fixed a problem when you double click some of the labels it would bring up the dialog box to change the Unit Number label. Only double clicking the Unit Number label should bring this dialog box up. Also fixed a problem that when you changed the Unit Number label the menu items under the reports wouldn't change unless you restarted Service Master. It now changes them as soon as you change the caption of this label. Once this label has had its text changed the menu and label are changed to the new text. Fixed a problem when printing a work order the user was able to adjust the number of copies to print but Service Master would still only print one. This issue was only if you left the Unit Number label as Unit Number. If you changed it to match your company needs then you weren't affected. Fixed an issue when you changed the Unit Number label to something other than Unit Number then went back to Unit Number the menus wouldn't reflect the entire new text that was entered. The invoice number on the Service Invoice will now increment after clicking on the Print button. Added a check box in the Service Invoice Customer Information area and if checked this information will remember the Customer Information for the next time you run Service Invoice. Added a print envelope button to the Service Invoice window just like on the Security Deposit Transmittal window. Microsoft Word 97 or higher must be installed in order to use this function. You will be notified if Word isn't installed. Remember that by installing CutePDF Writer you can save all your invoices to PDF. You can download this free software from our web site here, or at the top of this screen click Downloads the CutePDF Writer. Made some other minor adjustments to the Invoice feature. Added the ability to change the default Move In Inspection check box on the main form to anything you want. You can now change this check box label to match your company needs. The menu and report text will also change to this new text. Adjusted the change Unit Number label and Text wizard to be dynamic in its questions. Fixed an issue when the trial period has ended and all controls have been disabled then the user try's to change the label text on the Unit Number label by double clicking the Unit Number label the application would crash. Version updates will now have the date that it was added to the site on this page. Fixed an issue where if a user tried to change the Unit Number label text and instead of typing in the new text they just typed in spaces it would make the Unit Number label and menu options blank. UPDATED: February 16, 2007. Fixed an issue where if a user installed Service Master onto a computer without a default printer, and the user tried to print, the program would stop responding.

Version 7.9 - It seems that the Name Service Master is already in use by a company called SERVICEMASTER. The lawyers for this company contacted me and threatened me with all kinds of things. I had to change every reference of the term Service Master to Service Master Software within the application and web site. I will soon post the emails to and from the lawyers here. I also adjusted slightly the buy now function when purchasing the software. Certain firewall's are making the software crash when they block it from internet access. If this happens close the application and adjust your firewall settings to allow internet access and try again. Zone Alarm is the biggest culprit of this. I want to go on record as saying that I highly recommend Zone Alarm as a firewall. Its the best I have ever used, and its free. They offer anti-virus & anti-spyware products that I have never used so I can't comment on those. Version 8.0 will have many new advances and features. fixed an error when the user clicks Print ALL Work Orders under the print to printer menu option. The searching database label wouldn't go away after the report was sent to the printer. This would leave the label in place and wouldn't allow for changes to the priority work order and move in inspection check boxes. This change was done after version 7.9 was released, but the version number wasn't changed because it was a small change but still important. You can do a manual update by clicking here. UPDATED: Kept version number 7.9 - Added a free software download to our site called CutePDF writer. This software is free and will allow you to create and save anything that you create in Service Master Software to a PDF file. This will allow you to save and archive all reports, work orders,and invoices. You can download this program under the Download menu at the top of this page then choose CutePDF Writer, or click here. This software has been fully tested and approved by us to be fully safe and compatible with Service Master Software and Microsoft Windows. UPDATED: Kept version number 7.9 - Added a Change Unit Number Label option under the Properties menu. This can also be done by double clicking the Unit number label.

Version 7.8 - Made some changes to all message boxes and menu descriptions that had the word Format in it. Some how every time the word Format came up it had a $ sign after it. Also changed the tab index of both the Assigned To & Special Info windows.

Version 7.7 - Added a timed automatic inactivity log out feature when using the User & Password Protection function. When you login using the password protection you will be asked if you want to Enable the Log Out Timer. Click the check box and choose the amount of time you wish Service Master to log you out after that amount of timed inactivity. Also changed the way the uppercase & sentence case Work order description field settings work. It now changes the current work order description fields as soon as the menu selection is made.

Version 7.6 - Added a way to bring up prior Assigned to people and prior special info. This data is saved to a text file in the installation folder so it can be used over the network if you have networked Service Master. Having this ability for the assigned to field prevents users from misspelling names and creating a problem when running reports on assigned to criteria. To bring up the assigned to window have the focus on the assigned to field and either click F12 or double click the field and either add, delete, or choose a name. On the special info field click F12 when that field has focus.

Version 7.5 - Version 7.0 added the ability to change the Unit Number label along with the text in the report menu, but not the "Find By Unit Number" button. This version update now changes the text in the "Find By Unit Number" button. The button only excepts the first 15 characters the rest is truncated.

Version 7.4 - Made a small change in the Pay Pal purchase screen to make it easier to purchase the software.

Version 7.3 - Changed the way the drive selector works in the Change Back Up / Restore drive window. Now the drive selector is set to whatever drive is currently the backup drive instead of always defaulting to the C: drive. Added a printer dialog screen for the Service Invoice screen. Adjusted the Change Company/Owner Information wizard to be more inviting to people using Service Master for companies other than property management. Fixed an error when loading the Buy Now form when purchasing. Some people were getting a runtime 91 error.

Version 7.2 - Improved the way that you purchase Service Master. Before the user had to click the "Return To Merchant " link on the payment confirmation screen. Now Service Master will notice that you have finished the purchase and redirects you to the final web form to complete your registration. The reason this was done is that to many people weren't clicking the "Return To Merchant" link and their registration wasn't being completed properly.

Version 7.1 - Version 6.9 introduced a feature that warned users if Microsoft Access wasn't installed with a message box every time Service Master Started. Just because Access isn't installed on your computer doesn't mean for sure that Service Master won't run correctly, therefore in Version 7.1 we added a way to prevent this message box from appearing every time Service Master Starts. If you receive this message at startup and you have updated to version 7.1, and Service Master runs fine without Access then under the "Help" menu option click the "Disable Access Message" option. This feature will prevent the message box from appearing and the "Disable Access Message" menu option won't be listed in the menu any longer.

Version 7.0 - Added An Invoice feature. Click "Service Invoice" under the Edit menu, or on the keyboard ( Control I ). The Invoice will be improved over time, but it work well as is. Also in the Installation setup application we added full support for all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 to XP. Before we had support for these versions of Windows, but they were in separate setup applications. Now they are all in one file. There is still a separate file for networked workstation computers. Also Added a way to change the "Unit Number" label text on the main window. No you can change this text to match your company needs. For example if instead of Unit Number you wanted Customer ID you could double click the "Unit Number" label and follow the directions for changing the text. This will change the text everywhere Unit Number used to be except for the "Find By Unit Number" Button on the main window. This button won't change because all the buttons need to be uniform in width.

Version 6.9 - Added a process to check when Service Master starts to see if Microsoft Access is installed. If not user will be notified to install a free Access Runtime file from our site. This runtime file was made by Microsoft and hosted by us on our site. If Access is installed the user will not see anything new. This new runtime file will allow anyone with any version of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 and up to use Service Master even if they don't have Microsoft Access installed. Added a punctuation option under the "Settings", "Properties", "Work Order Description Field Settings". You can choose Auto Punctuation, default, or Manual Punctuation. The new Auto Punctuation will add a period at the end of the Work to be completed and the work completed fields when those fields lose focus. Manual punctuation setting will not punctuate anything. Added NASCAR team logos for free download. This isn't a version change item because any version can download them, but we added them to our site. The collection of logos now consist of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NHL , and now NASCAR. If you haven't seen what this is go to "Settings", "Properties", "Choose Sports Team Background Picture" and download and load your favorite team logo on the bottom left of the main screen. Every computer networked, if networked, can have their own team. If you have different Windows User accounts you can have every user account with a different logo. Also changed the way Spell check is performed in the work order description fields. Instead of pressing the F2 key when those fields have focus you now press F7. Microsoft Word must be installed in order to use the spell check feature. If you don't have Microsoft Word installed you will be notified of this. F7 is the way you spell check a document when using Microsoft Word so we wanted to be consistent.

Version 6.8 - Added a printer dialog box when printing work order reports. Also added the ability to adjust the number of copies required of the work order report which is on the printer dialog box. Added a choice of Uppercase, sentence case and None for the work order description fields format. This new option in under "Settings", "Properties", "Work Order Description Field Settings". Added more space to unit number, tenant name, taken by, assigned to, and tenant phone fields. This allows for much longer text to be entered. Rearranged the work order report due to the longer fields. Increased the font size of the work order descriptions fields on the main form and the report for easier reading. Fixed two icons on the "Settings" menu. Removed the Compact & Repair database option under the Settings menu. Its now automatically done when Service Master starts. We did this to force it to compact every time vs possibly never being done and since most users use this application everyday its very important to perform this function regularly. Added four new reports to the "Print To Screen" menu. All print outstanding work orders with the "Assigned To" field criteria. They are as follows: all dates, all dates with work completed, with date range, with date range with work completed.

Version 6.7 - Added support for multiple users on the same computer. Before if you installed and registered Service Master on one windows user account then ran it on another windows account it would tell you that it wasn't registered even though you paid for the registration. Now in order to run on any user account just do a web update to this new version. Run Service Master on the account that it was registered on just once then you can run it on any current or any newly created account. If you are running Service Master on a network do the update on the main computer where the full setup was performed. The change will occur on all networked computer after the networked computer runs the program once on the windows account that registered it. If a windows account has limited user rights then grant that user admin rights then run the program once. You can then change back to limited rights if you choose. This works only on one computer that has purchased a registration. All computers need to purchase a registration code even on a network in order to use Service Master past its trial period. Also added an option to turn off the Exit confirmation. You can find this option under "Settings" then "Properties".

Version 6.6 - Changed the tenant name field to work just like the phone number and special info fields worked before. Now when adding a new work order Service Master will load all prior tenant names into the tenant name field unless you have the Dupe Check function turned off. When adding a new work order and you see a check mark next to the tenant name field just click the down arrow next to the field or the down arrow on your keyboard (once that field has focus). Added the ability to remove all tenant names when "Moving Out" a unit. Also fixed the "number of copies" option in the printer dialog boxes. It didn't work before but now it does, sorry. Added a function called "Days open settings". Some people have told us that they don't want the day the work order was created to be counted as one of the days in the days open field. Now you can change it to include or not include the first day. Added a box around the work order report that prints around the header to allow for easier reading of the report. This option is on by default and can be turned off if desired by going to "Settings", "Properties", "Work Order Report Settings".

Version 6.5 - Added a new report. "Screen Work Orders By Work Order Number Range" found under Reports, Print To Screen, Screen All Work Orders. This report will print to the screen a range of work order numbers. Added a Version History link under Help menu that links to this page. Changed the default directory in the open file dialog window for sports logos to open up to C:\. This seems to be a good place to store the sports team pictures, but user may save anywhere they wish. Removed the Read only option in the open file dialog windows. There is no reason for this option in Service Master.

Version 6.4 - Added customizable work order report settings. User can now toggle between font size 10,12 and 14 on unit number. The Default is set to font size 10. This allows for easier reading of the report for some. Also added the ability to only print the top section or just the bottom section on the work order report. Default is set to print the entire report. No action is required if you don't want to adjust these settings.

Version 6.3 - Added the ability for user to add their favorite sports team logo to the main window bottom left. Adjusted the way the change company/owner information wizard ask questions and displays defaults saved information.

Version history before 6.3 has been removed to save space for newer version history.

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